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30 June 2020

COVID-19 Hit Public Transport Users Hard. Here’s How Open Data, A Digital Commons Approach Helps.

COVID-19 has revealed how open data, that can be freely used and distributed by anyone, is  critical for the recovery of our health and cities. At the […]
21 April 2020

How Kampala is Going Beyond Transit Mapping

Transport officials from Kampala, Addis Ababa and Accra exchange knowledge on what makes a mapping project successful. Source: WRI. Transit data are essential. Data help us […]
7 April 2020

[Survey] – We need you !

Africa is experiencing urban growth of momentous proportions. As part of this growth the continent needs to develop and build infrastructure and transport networks to serve […]
25 March 2020

How to Create your Own Transit Map

This tutorial has been created to design a schematic-style map for public transport. The process described below is the result of work carried out  by the […]
6 January 2020

Your City’s Public Transport Is Unique, Your Journey Planner App Should Be Too

The vibrantly coloured Trufis in Cochabamba, Bolivia serve daily commuters. Most cities around the world run formal and informal public transport systems in parallel. An illustrative […]
6 November 2019

Mapping a transport network with OpenStreetMap and GTFS

26 August 2019

Abidjan to Join the Open Data Community with Mapping Project

Abidjan’s woro woro taxi system. The French Development Agency (AFD) is a funder that finances, through loans and / or grants, sustainable mobility projects in developing […]
8 August 2019

Building your City’s Mobile and Web-based Journey Planner

Trotro App – the Open Source Trufi App redesigned for the city of Accra Many cities in the world need digital public transportation solutions: a World […]
11 July 2019

Conveyal Analysis: A Powerful Tool Now at Your Fingertips!

Conveyal Analysis helps you create public transport scenarios and evaluate them in terms of accessibility, using OpenStreetMap data and GTFS datasets. Digital Transport for Africa is […]