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6 March 2023

Why Africa Can’t Ban Its Way Out of Used Vehicle Socio-Environmental Harms: A View From Ghana

*Photo Source:   The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority estimates that used vehicles constitute some 80% of the about 100,000 vehicles imported into […]
6 October 2022

Public Transport Challenges in Africa: Mapping and Transit Data as a Remedy

Commuters waiting for the next bus desperately around Meskel Square – the city centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo by Agraw Ali   Long queues for […]
5 August 2022

How Are New Informal Transit Routes Formed?

Route signs waiting to be placed on a vehicle in Kampala Old Taxi Park. Photo by Tamara Kerzhner   In 2015, the chairman of a Kampala […]
1 June 2022

Setting Up Data Collection Projects to Meet Passenger Capabilities

“If you want to plan for all the facts, you’ll never end up going anywhere” In Cape Town, South Africa, as in many African cities, planning […]
17 May 2022

WatriFeed: The Open Source Collaborative GTFS Data Editor

« Create, update and visualize your GTFS datasets easily and collaboratively with WatriFeed »   GTFS Standard   The standardization of transport data in Africa and particularly in […]
19 February 2022


COURSE SUMMARY The rise of GPS-enabled cell phones and low-cost sensors- has led to the creation of new forms of digital data that are invaluable for […]
10 August 2021

An Analysis of Paratransit Services in African Cities Thanks to Digitaltransport4africa's GTFS Open Data

Why is that important? Accessibility to collective transport, together with other important system characteristics such as network coverage and frequency, is a crucial driver of modal […]
17 May 2021

Chatting Bus Data with MobilityData

At the beginning of 2021, MobilityData and Fabrique des Mobilités took a deep dive into existing GTFS projects across African cities. The goal was to understand […]
26 April 2021

Who Plans Transit in African Cities? Ask the Bus Drivers.

Minibus in Djibouti. Photo courtesy of Tamara Kerzhner/World Bank. On an unpaved road towards the outskirts of sprawling Lubumbashi, DRC, the minibus we were riding stopped […]