Digital Transport 4 Africa – Partners and Friends Meeting, Jan 2020, Washington, D.C.

Hosted by WRI at their D.C. office, DT4A’s annual meeting recapped mapping work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Santiago de los Cabelleros, Dominican Republic. Speakers incude Iman Abubaker (WRI Africa) and Sarah Williams (MIT).

Digital Transport 4 Africa – An Open Resource Center for Improved Urban Mobility Workshop – Nov 2018 Paris

Building on the conversations from last year’s workshop in Paris,

Full agenda and invitation

Speaker(s) :  Antoine Chèvre (Transport Division – Agence Française de Développement)
Speaker(s) : Mohamed Hegezy (Director & Founder – Transport for Cairo)

Speakers: Jacqueline Klopp (Associate Research Scholar – Columbia University, NYC)

Speaker: Iman Abubaker (Health & Road Safety Coordinator – WRI Africa)

Speakers: Randy Wilson (Head, Department of Transportation – Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly)

SSATP Annual Meeting - June 2018, Abuja

The second SSATP Annual Meeting under the Third Development Plan (DP3) will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, during the week of July 2-6, 2018. The mission of SSATP is to facilitate policy development and related capacity-building in the transport sector of Africa. Sound policies lead to safe, reliable, and cost-effective transport, freeing people to lift themselves out of poverty, and helping countries to compete internationally.

During 2018 annual meeting, SSTAP agenda includes a workshop session on “Digital Transport for Africa: Towards an Open & Collaborative Digital Platform to Improve African Urban Public Transport”. This workshop will be the opportunity to launch officially the resource center and present different pilote experiences.

Speaker : Jacqueline M. Klopp (Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University)

Speaker : Digital Matatus Team

Speaker : Enock Seth Nyamador & Alex Johnson (Department of transport –  Municipality of Accra) 

Towards an Open & Collaborative Digital Platform to Improve African Urban Public Transport – Nov 2017 Paris

Given expected urban growth in Africa, the development of sustainable urban mobility policies is crucial to ensure efficient and “livable” cities. In most African cities, urban transport services are dominated by fragmented private operators, that provide a dynamic service for all, at no cost for the municipality, but with negative side impacts on congestion, pollution and road safety. We think that the challenge is not fight against paratransit operators but rather ensure transition of this sector toward optimized and inclusive mobility system. Digital technologies are a tremendous opportunity to deal with these multitude of operators and develop win-win scheme. Workshop held in Paris objective was to mobilize stakeholders (public authorities, start-ups, academics, etc.) around an open and collaborative toolbox using digital as leverage to enhance the overall transport network.

Based on shared lesson with recent experiences and workshop enable to brainstorm on next steps for a digital approach enhancing paratransit mobility services.

Authorithies point of view

Operators point of view

Passengers point of view

Tech point of view

From the workshop held on the 10th of November 2017 with restricted community, we defined next steps.

# What is the road map?

The road map proposed by the community is as follow:

  • Milestones : community agenda should stick to:

    1. Slot in Transforming transportation in Washington in january 2018

    2. Slot in SSATP annual forum to be held in Nigeria ou Cote d’Ivoire spring 2018


  • Convince “Story telling”: This will come with explanation of long and mid term objective to convince that digital data collection and common standards for data are crucial. This come with:

    • Preparing a paper on existing experience Digital Matatus, Accra Mobility and Transport for Cairo and prospective lead by Jackie Klopp under Columbia University and financed by AFD.

    • Comparative analysis on technical approach:  GTFS First -> OSM vs OSM First -> GTFS by Felix Delattre and Florian Lainez

    • Additional data analysis and development on Accra Mobility with automatic dashboard by AFD and Transitec

The objective is to present outputs of the workshop on transforming transportation in Washington in January 2018. 

  • Resource center (see below): In parallel implement an online resource center with at least:

    • All tools, materials and lessons learned already developed

    • Data management and guidelines

    • Network and “champions” identification

    • Preparing support for next experience

    • Budget guidelines

The objective is to have minimal resource center  ready for SSATP annual forum spring 2018 to be ready when decision maker or other express their willingness to develop similar experience in their country. 

# What is the center of resource?

Morning – Overview of challenges and lessons learned of pilotes project of paratransit mapping in African Cities 

  • 09h00 – Coffee
  • 09h15 – Welcome Speech – Jérôme Gruber (Chief Digital Officer) et Reda Souirgi (Deputy Transport Division)
  • 09h30 – Parantransit issues overview – Reda Souirgi (AFD)
  • 10h00 – Digital Commons and open source software approach – Stéphane Schultz  Fabrique des Mobilités/ADEME
  • Break
  • 10h40 – First step, how to map public transport in Africa? Lessons learned on recent pilotes project:
    • Kenya Nairobi: DigitalMatatus (40 min) with Jackie Klopp (Columbia university), Sarah Williams (MIT), Dr Peter Waiganjo and Dr Daniel Orwa Ochieng (University of Nairobi)
    • Egypt Cairo: TransportforCairo (40 min) Abdelrahman Melegy et Mohamed Hegazy
    • Ghana Accra : Accra Mobililty (30 min) with Alex Johnson (Municipality Accra), Simon Saddier (Transitec) and Jungle Bus (20 min) with Florian Lainez and Enock Seth Nyamador (OpenStreetCommunity Ghana)
    • 12h40 – Lunch break with buffet


Afternoon – Workshops – How to build and improve mobility services?   

  • ​14h00 ​​Inspiring pitches: start up / companies / projects: Whereismytransport? and Gometro from South Africa,  Amarante/Iticket from Dakar, Flux Vision Orange Business, Navitia Kisio Digital Paris,  Digital Africa Challenge by AFd and BPI  Animation: Stéphane Schultz / Antoine Chèvre
  • 15h00 Workshop 1: What benefits and potentiel improvements for different stakeholders?
  • 16h00 Workshop 2: What are next steps for digital and paratranist in african cities?
  • Wrap Up  – 17h00


SpeakerJerome Gruber (Digital Director AFD)
Speaker(s) :  Reda Souirgi (Deputy Director – Transport Division – Agence Française de Développement) & Antoine Chèvre (Transport Division – Agence Française de Développement)

Stéphane Schultz (Consultant Innovation / Numérique – fondateur 15 marches)

Speakers: Jacqueline Klopp (Associate Research Scholar Columbia University NYC),  Sarah Williams (assistant Professor & Director Civic Lab MIT Civic Data Design Project at MIT), Dr Peter Waiganjo (Computer Science – University of Nairobi), Dr Daniel Orwa Ochien (Computer Science – University of Nairobi)

Speakers: Mohamed Momtaz Hegazy (geograph and computer),  Abdelrahman Melegy (GIS / Coder  / co funder), Islam Gaber (GIS / Coder  / co funder)

Speaker:  Alex Johnson (Department of transport –  Municipality of Accra) 

Speaker: Simon Saddier (Expert Transport – Transitec)

Speaker:  Florian Lainez (Fondateur Jungle Bus – Vice Président OpenStreetMap France)

Next event

The second SSATP Annual Meeting under the Third Development Plan (DP3) will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, during the week of July 2-6, 2018.